Microbial Mass

MIICROBIAL MASS is specially developed to maximize plant yield
using multiple bacterial species.

Microbial Mass Our proprietary blend of bacteria promotes a vigorous root zone by solubilizing phosphorus and assisting
with the bioavailability of iron and from both organic and inorganic sources.

How does MIICROBIAL MASS work?

Unlike many of the first generation of beneficial microbe products introduced into the market. MIICROBIAL MASS uses an approach to inoculate the rhizosphere with a microbial consortium cycle nutrients in very specific ways. Utilizing the very latest scientific understanding of rhizospheric microbiology. Our product development process involved the careful identification of several unique strains of bacteria which work in perfect harmony to perform some of the highly specific nutrient cycling functions required for optimal plant growth and development. The functional roles of each member of this bacterial consortium can be described as their modes of action.