INKBIRD is the messenger soaring in the sky of smart IoT industry

Born in 2010, INKBIRD was originated from two kite-chasing boys who held full spirit of technologies.

The development of human being’s civilization started with word-of-mouth communications. And has been thrilling until today because of the advent of the quill-pen.

The quill-pen is made of BIRD feather/quill and used for writing with INK. From the middle ages to the 19 century, it had been used as the writing tool. To record every significant progress of human being’s civilization. During that period, almost all of the literary works, technological breakthroughs. And human being progresses could not be happened without it.

Inspired by the history of quill-pen, the founders of INKBIRD named their brand starting with the word INK. To encourage the development and continuity of the company.

From 1897 to 1899, The Wright brothers had been observing birds flying. Finally in 1903, they flew the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane. under the witness of the whole world. Since then, The spirits of chasing freedom and flying have been deeply branded in the human being’s mind. The Wright brothers have been inspiring worldwide countless entrepreneurs and innovators, including the founders of INKBIRD, so they named their brand ending up with the word BIRD to motivate their solid steps of chasing innovation and freedom.

INKBIRD is inspired by the development and innovation of human being’s civilization and now soaring in the sky of smart IoT industry.

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