Eazy Plug


The Eazy Plug products are designed to follow the cradle to cradle principle. The products themselves are dried and lightweight thus saving energy during transport. We do not use plastic wrapping and so saves the environment on tons of plastic waste per cultivation.

 Full Cycle: a revolution in growing

Only Eazy Plug can offer the unparalleled performance, sustainability and maximized yields all combined into one system:
With the Plug Full Cycle it is possible to benefit all advantages of the famous Eazy Plug throughout the entire cultivation period; from propagating up to harvesting.


All substrates are organic and 100% compostable

Triggered by air pruning a much stronger, faster and abundant growth of secondary roots and hair roots takes place throughout the entire block.

The optimal air-to-water ratio in all circumstances, when access water can drain.

The optimized growing volume, equivalent to 13,5 ltr (3 gal), is enough for a whole growing cycle.