Hydrofarm’s Autopilot line of lighting and environmental controllers puts you in full control of your indoor growing environment. You’ll be able to schedule automatic regulation of your temperature, lighting, CO2, and humidity when you implement.  Autopilot devices into your indoor horticultural setup.


The Autopilot family includes several lighting controllers. With models 4-, 8-, and 12-light configurations that control lamp striking. It will power your high-powered HID lights. All Autopilot light controllers offer dual input for 120V or 240V.

Hydrofarm also offers Autopilot’s Greenhouse Master Controller. This controls CO2 as well as devices for humidification, cooling, and heating. Digital Environmental Controller, with day/night temperature set points and 15′ remote sensor.

Autopilot’s collection of CO2 products includes four- and eight-burner electronic ignition CO2 generators, which help plants grow bigger and faster. You can also track and record your ppm levels with the CO2 monitor, and put your CO2 generator to work for you with the Fuzzy Logic CO2 controller. The Autopilot CO2 controller features a built-in microprocessor that performs CO2 injection calculations to maintain CO2 levels without excessive waste.

Rounding out the Autopilot line are the Day/Night Cooling Thermostat with easy-to-adjust knob settings, built-in photocell, and precise temperature sensor, and the Master Digital Timer, which features hot start prevention, high temperature shut down, a recycling on/off range of 1 second to 96 hours, and compatibility with the high power light controllers.

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